Knowledge Test
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How are movement of skin from one body part to another called?
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Which planet has visible rings around it?
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What "rain forests of the oceans" are home to a vast diversity of life, despite being under serious ecological threat?
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If Rosa can type 96 words per minute, how many words can she type in one hour?
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What did England ban from all public places and workspaces on July 1, 2007?
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What is the name of the Prince of Wales, invested in 1969?
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The name of what Peruvian capital is also the name of a bean?
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When serving in footvolley, which body part is used to bring the ball into play?
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Which 60s film star's real name was Marion Morrison?
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A greengrocer orders 144 bananas at 12p each, and sells them for 15p each. What's his profit?