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General Trivia

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Question 1
What is the word "modem" short for?
Question 2
If you want cloudless skies and no rain, what do you hope your barometer tells you?
Question 3
Opera began in the 1590s, when Jacopo Peri and the Camerata tried to recreate Greek drama. Where was all this happening?
Question 4
On August 19, 1991, top Communists arrested what leader in his summer home, only for the coup to be foiled by Moscow protests led by Boris Yeltsin?
Question 5
Which magazine first published photos of a human embryo in 1965?
Question 6
Rembrandt's most famous work, "The Night Watch", is also his what?
Question 7
Which word is a coordinating conjunction?
Question 8
Red Rock Island and Angel Island are part of which US city?
Question 9
Which Tory MP lost his Tatton seat to Martin Bell?
Question 10
What is the capital of Belarus?
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