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Question 1
Often made from apples, the name of what pastry literally mean "whirlpool" in German?
Question 2
Cleopatra was famously romantically linked to whom?
Question 3
What U.S. President was the first to wear a beard?
Question 4
Which famous artist created the 1975 artwork 'Paloma Picasso'?
Question 5
Which of the following drinks can be white in color and helps you build strong bones?
Question 6
A person might hear reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub, or Bob Marley music from which of these countries?
Question 7
For which of these destinations would you need to take your passport?
Question 8
Where in Europe is Scandinavia?
Question 9
What is the capital of Libya?
Question 10
Jim Morrison was the frontman of which iconic '60s band?
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