HARD History Quiz
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Who was a framer of the postwar Treaty of Versailles?
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Hussein bin Ali had been king of Hejaz until it was annexed by the ibn Saud family into the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd, which now has what name?
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During the Crimean War, what country tried to solve the "Eastern Problem" of a decaying Ottoman Empire by seizing Turkey itself?
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In what city was Ronald Reagan when he was shot in 1981?
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Even without stirrups, we guided our horses with our knees, using both hands for combat. And we'd cut a vein to drink from the living horse's own blood. Who were we?
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What is the name of the largest star sapphire in the world which is found in New York City's American Museum of Natural History?
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Which leader was known for a "Cultural Revolution"?
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The groundbreaking for what waterway took place in 1904?
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Who was President of Russia in 2008–2012?
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What empire did Xerxes the Great rule over?