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What does the V stand for in HIV?
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Which country has the bigger population?
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What is seven squared?
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Who sang the famous song ”(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” (1968)?
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When did English folk dancing stop being performed?
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Originally planned for Boulder Canyon, what dam in the Black Canyon created Lake Mead?
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What is a slab of hard material, laid in rows to cover walls, floors, and roofs called?
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Who has wanted to make a movie about the abolitionist John Brown, considered rebooting Bret Easton Ellis's Less Than Zero, wanted to make Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan as Bond in the 60s, thought about making a third part in his famous series and wanted to bring together two brothers who had appeared in different movies for a prequel?
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Which species best matches this description, "fast-running, herding, grass-eater from Eastern Africa"?
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Which country's highest elevation point is Pico da Neblina 3,014 meters and is located in South America?
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