Can you beat my 5 out of 10?
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If Jim is 3 and Andrea is 6, how old will Jim be when Andrea is 16?
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Stretching after a workout helps to accomplish what?
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What is the name of the digital music service started by Apple in 2001?
Question 4 of 10
What country have you arrived in if you land at Shannon Airport?
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What mythological creature was the symbol of the Chinese Emperor?
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What controversial persons are the heroes of Mexican songs called narcocorridos?
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A privateer named Alexander Selkirk quarrelled with the captain of the Cinque Ports and spent 52 months in the Juan Fernandez islands. On his return, he inspired Daniel Defoe to create which fictional character?
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How many prongs does a standard kitchen fork have?
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What is the capital city of Cambodia (or Kampuchea) which is located on the river Mekong?
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Something from Mars is Martian. Strictly speaking, the correct adjective for what planet is Cytherean, in reference to the island where Aphrodite emerged from a shell?