Unbeatable Knowledge Quiz
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Which is Scotland's largest city?
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How many Fallopian tubes does the average woman have?
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During WWII, a destroyer named the O'Bannon found itself too close to a Japanese sub to use its weaponry. Instead, they threw what tubers, which the sub mistook for grenades?
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In 2001, what country's aging Luftwaffe pilots claimed to have been the first to break the sound barrier, back in 1945?
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Barometers measure what?
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Finish The Lyric: "Because you're mine, I"?
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The Al Faisaliah Center, completed in 2000 at a height of 876 feet, is located where?
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Which country contains the world's hottest place, 'Daliol', where the average daily temperature is 94 degrees Fahrenheit?
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Police officers are this city's "finest." Firefighters are its "bravest." Its sanitation workers are the "strongest" and its prison guards are the "boldest." Which city is this?
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Who had the hit 60's song "Wild Thing" on Atco?