Food & Beverages Quiz
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What process uses heat to release carbon from starch and sugar, thereby changing the color and texture of bread?
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This is the biggest seller in US produce aisles, and the red delicious is the biggest selling variety. What is it?
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In 2012, British and Ethiopian researchers projected the possible extinction by 2080 of the Arabica beans used for 70% of what product worldwide?
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What kind of cereal plant is used to make oatmeal?
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What juice is served with champagne in a mimosa, and with vodka in a screwdriver?
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What are gnocchi?
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What is the most expensive form of caviar?
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In 1946, long before screwdrivers and Bloody Marys, Smirnoff tried to popularize the Moscow Mule, a combination of ginger ale and what liquor?
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What did Robert Burns describe as "gushing entrails bright, like any ditch; and then, o what a glorious sight, warm-reeking, rich"?
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From which part of the vanilla plant is vanilla flavouring derived?