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In 2015, users of which social media site fell for a hoax viral news story about privacy notices?
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Which former British Prime Minister died in 2013?
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Which of the Great Lake states is known as the "Great Lakes State"?
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The musical "West Side Story" is based on which of Shakespeare's plays?
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How do you write 500,000 + 3,000 + 600 + 8 in standard form?
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Rick Polito wrote funny movie summaries for newspaper TV listings. This was his summary for what film? Tom Cruise is a soulless recluse who lurks in the darkness and sucks the life from all who come near him. He's also in this movie about a vampire.
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French scientist Leopold Trouvelot brought what pest to Massachusetts, which got loose and started eating its way through New England's trees?
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Who sang the famous song "You Really Got Me" (1964) ?
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What 64-story tall skyscraper in Santiago, Chile is the tallest building in Latin America?
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Who is not one of the Three Musketeers from the novel by Dumas?
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