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Who sang the famous song "Monday Monday" (1966) ?
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What is 40% of $1000.00?
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In what city is the famous St. Paul's Cathedral located?
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Who did Demi Moore marry in 1987?
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What is the process for soaking meat in salted water to increase flavour before cooking called?
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Which Dutch dancer was executed for spying in 1917?
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Who sang the famous song "Like A Rollin' Stone" (1965) ?
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What ad icon was created by the Washburn Crosby Company of Minneapolis (later called General Mills) to answer letters about baking with Gold Medal Flour?
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Who became a star anyway in such movies as The Grifters, Grosse Point Blank, and Being John Malkovich. Who am I?
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In which song does the line "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year" appear?