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What was the name of the hurricane which hit the US Gulf Coast in August 2005?
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Founded in the 1970s, OPEC was a trade organisation for which industry?
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Which pair of animal species and type is correct?
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In addition to being islands in the English Channel, Jersey and Guernsey are also types of what animal?
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Which US President first took office in 1989?
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What 2010 movie released in 3D includes the characters Hiccup and Snotlout?
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Botanically speaking, what are cereals?
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Hemingway notwithstanding, the "snows" of what tropical mountain are vanishing, as a warmer, drier climate melts its ancient glaciers?
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Best known for samba and the bossanova, what country also gave us choro, sertanejo, brega, frevo, samba, maracatu, bossa nova, MPB, ax?, forro and tropicalismo?
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How many sides on three pentagons?