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A 50s British delicacy was fritters made from which processed meat?
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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is in which country?
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Who made $70 million when he gave up his salary in exchange for a percentage of the back end of Forrest Gump?
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In what US state can you visit the Alamo?
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What percentage is the same as two thirds?
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Two of first three Best Picture Oscar winners, Wings and All Quiet on the Western Front, are anti-war. Anti what war?
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What was the name of a mammal who lived at the time of the saber-tooth cat?
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Which king died in 1952, with his daughter Elizabeth becoming Queen?
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What country is known locally as Osterreich, and has been ever since it became the "Eastern Realm" of the Holy Roman Empire in AD 996?
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At whom did journalist Muntader al-Zaidi throw his size 10 black Ducati Model 271 leather oxfords in 2008?