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Question 1
How do you say "Merry Christmas" in Mexico?
Question 2
What devoutly Catholic actor produced "The Passion of the Christ," the only epic ever filmed in Latin and Aramaic?
Question 3
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause is about what Christmas character?
Question 4
What would you wear outside in a story about Christmas?
Question 5
Which singer's "Christmas" album went 7x Platinum in Canada, surpassing his 2009 album "Crazy Love"?
Question 6
What was the name of the wealthy old man in "A Christmas Carol"?
Question 7
I'm a Doctor Seuss character that once stole Christmas. Who am I?
Question 8
Who sang the famous song "Do They Know It's Christmas" (1984)
Question 9
Finding a silver charm in your Christmas pudding meant what?
Question 10
What flower is given the most at Christmas?
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