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Quiz about Christmas

Question 1
This fruit was once called a raisin, which explains why Christmas pudding is named for it, even though you don't use it to make Christmas pudding. What fruit is this?
Question 2
Where did George Washington's troops spend the Christmas of 1777?
Question 3
What two colors are associated with Christmas?
Question 4
To guard against fires, always purchase what kind of artificial Christmas tree?
Question 5
The "Night Before Christmas" names all of Santa's what?
Question 6
How did the poet describe Santa's belly in "The Night Before Christmas"?
Question 7
Who sat in the corner, eating a Christmas pie, putting in his thumb and pulling a plum ?
Question 8
Where in New York is known for its ice skating rink and Christmas tree?
Question 9
Who is the "gift-giver" in France on Christmas?
Question 10
Which red leaved, flowering plant is very popular at Christmas?
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