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Where would you ...?

Question 1
Where would you find 10% of the world’s known species?
Question 2
Where would you go to visit Montego Bay?
Question 3
Where would you find Walt Disney World (including EPCOT) as well as Sea World and Universal Studios?
Question 4
Where would you be if you encountered the prehistoric, aquatic monster that Scotsman swear still exists?
Question 5
Where would you see a German Zeppelin?
Question 6
Where would you find the Yangtze River?
Question 7
Where would you most likely eat a McDonald's Kiwiburger, made with a beef patty, an egg and beetroot?
Question 8
Where would you find the self-declared Principality of Seborga, a village whose claim to independence goes back to the Holy Roman Empire?
Question 9
Where would you find the Tsukiji fish market, which is famous for its sushi?
Question 10
Where would you find enamel, the hardest substance in your body?
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