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Science quiz for people with an IQ above 150!

Question 1
Famous for rescuing people buried under Alpine avalanches, the St Bernard was bred at the hospice of Saint Bernard of Menthon on the Great Saint Bernard Pass. Where?
Question 2
This critter hones in from 50 feet away on the carbon dioxide you exhale, as well as lactic acids in our sweat, but DEET can overwhelm it so it forgets to bite you. What is it?
Question 3
What temperature (celsius) does water boil at when at sea level?
Question 4
Which flower shares it's name with a vain character from Greek mythology?
Question 5
Humans have the same blood types as which animal?
Question 6
Who invented the first engine-powered airplane?
Question 7
If Prince Charles "throws a spanner in the works," what tool is the Brit tossing?
Question 8
In 1953, there were nearly 9000 cases of this disease. Two years later, Dr Jonas Salk's vaccine was being used to fight it. What is the disease?
Question 9
How many moons does Earth have?
Question 10
What causes suntans and sunburns?
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