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History Quiz

Question 1
What was O.J. Simpson charged with when he was arrested in 1994?
Question 2
What long-standing South African policy was discontinued in 1990?
Question 3
At a 1998 conference, what single currency did 12 European nations agree to adopt?
Question 4
2014 marked the release of a drug with a 90-95% success rate against which liver disease?
Question 5
Although born in Georgia, Eugene Bullard became the first black combat pilot when he flew for what country, which awarded him the Legion d'honneur?
Question 6
Archimedes is noted for running around the streets and screaming what?
Question 7
What title does the leader of Canada hold?
Question 8
Which European country received a 100 billion Euro bailout in 2012?
Question 9
Which First Lady moved into the White House in 1989?
Question 10
Which historical figure helped free hundreds of slaves?
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