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History Quiz

Question 1
What French King was beheaded by French revolutionaries in 1793?
Question 2
Spartacus was set in which empire?
Question 3
In the 1250s, the Little Ice Age began, precipitating the Great Famine from 1315-22, which left Europe medically vulnerable to what epidemic from 1347-51?
Question 4
What battle did the Duke Wellington not, in fact, called "a damn close run thing" but instead describe as "a damn nice thing-the nearest run thing you ever saw"?
Question 5
Which port was the final destination of the Titanic in 1912?
Question 6
During which War was 'The Siege of Charleston' fought in the 1770-1780s?
Question 7
Which Chinese dynasty came to an end in 1644?
Question 8
Marcel Duchamp was an artist from which country?
Question 9
The sovereignty of which city was established by 1929's Lateran Treaty?
Question 10
In the days of the Roman Empire, which luxurious fabric was sold for its weight in gold?

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