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Hard Food and Beverage Quiz

Question 1
What soul food, from the same species as cabbage and broccoli, became the official vegetable of South Carolina in 2011?
Question 2
When making classic bruschetta, what ingredient is a must?
Question 3
Which of the following sauces does not contain eggs?
Question 4
In 2012, McDonald's announced that it was opening its first all-vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar, in what country?
Question 5
What Tex-Mex meal is essentially a burrito covered in the chili sauce from which it gets its name?
Question 6
A lot of ingredients can get tossed into arroz con pollo, but based on the name, what two must be there?
Question 7
Catherine the Great loved what British porter, designed to pack more of a punch for local palates?
Question 8
In 1949 Herta Heuwer invented currywurst, which is now sausage and curry ketchup. Where?
Question 9
A handful of European country had already banned what delicacy, what Chicago became the first US city to do follow suit?
Question 10
What else generally goes on "cinnamon toast" besides cinnamon and butter?
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