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History Sudden Death Quiz

Question 1 of 15
Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of what large Asian nation?
Question 2 of 15
Which of the following Presidents was assassinated?
Question 3 of 15
What English queen not only executed 180 Catholics (including Spanish-trained Jesuit priests), but also Puritans, who thought Anglicanism too Catholic?
Question 4 of 15
What year did the Pope get wounded in an assassination attempt?
Question 5 of 15
Who did Franklin Roosevelt famously write 'It is fun to be in the same decade with you' to in a letter?
Question 6 of 15
Which Middle Eastern country agreed to freeze its nuclear program in 2013?
Question 7 of 15
Which version of the Bible was first published in 1611?
Question 8 of 15
What yellow dot-eating creature made his arcade debut in 1981?
Question 9 of 15
Julio C├ęsar Turbay Ayala was leader of which country in the 80s?
Question 10 of 15
Of these, which is a 1989 Tom Clancy novel?
Question 11 of 15
What city did Peter I have built to be the capital of his empire?
Question 12 of 15
Who got an Oscar nomination for his role in American History X?
Question 13 of 15
In what country was Elizabeth Fry born?
Question 14 of 15
Who was the first President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam?
Question 15 of 15
Which French palace was lived in by Louis XIV?

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