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Question 1
Which Dutch dancer was executed for spying in 1917?
Question 2
Vietnam is located on which continent?
Question 3
Jerk chicken, fried plantains and mango ice cream are popular foods of what country's cuisine?
Question 4
Contrary to what you saw in the Russell Crowe movie, while John Nash heard voices in his head, he never saw hallucinatory people. What film?
Question 5
Where would you find your Achilles tendon?
Question 6
Despite their frequent appearance in horror movies, which of these animals are actually herbivores, as their name suggests?
Question 7
What edible mushroom gets its name from the Japanese trees on which it is found?
Question 8
What is the name of the scale used to measure the size of earthquakes?
Question 9
Which part of a pool keeps the water free of trash?
Question 10
Which scientific term is defined as outside of our galaxy?
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