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This is The Science Quiz Genius edition

Question 1
What is the distance that light travels in a year called?
Question 2
Not tonight, dear. I have cephalalgia. What is cephalalgia?
Question 3
M and K are both used to represent what number?
Question 4
This insect's name can also mean to pester somebody with private communications, just as the insect supposedly pestered you by tunneling into your ear when you slept. What is it?
Question 5
In 1777, King Gustavus of Sweden gave Catherine the Great a red tourmaline. Actually, he thought he'd given her something else. What?
Question 6
This critter hones in from 50 feet away on the carbon dioxide you exhale, as well as lactic acids in our sweat, but DEET can overwhelm it so it forgets to bite you. What is it?
Question 7
A NASA deep space probe's ion propulsion was inspired by the otherwise awful episode Spock's Brain, of what TV series?
Question 8
Joseph Wilbrand invented this in 1863 for use as a yellow dye. But in 1902, it was repurposed to blow stuff up. What is it?
Question 9
Myron Scholes shared a Nobel Prize in 1997, even though his ideas were blamed for what 2008 calamity?
Question 10
What is the name of the protein found in wheat flour?
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