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Question 1
What is it called when one thing covers part of something else?
Question 2
Although most popular in Michigan, what hot dog topped with chili, onions and mustard is named for a New York City neighbourhood?
Question 3
Of the world's 40+ monarchies, about a third of them recognize what country's monarch as their own?
Question 4
What swashbuckling actor wrote "My Wicked, Wicked Ways"?
Question 5
Per the WWI song, what should you do after you pack up your troubles in an old kit bag?
Question 6
What black star, who most certainly cannot see clearly now, sang Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now" on SNL?
Question 7
Which American President ended their time in Office in 1963?
Question 8
Before David killed Goliath and then became king, what job did he do?
Question 9
Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in which country?
Question 10
Who sang the famous song "Eight Days A Week" (1965)?
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