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Art Quiz
Question 1
In which American museum could Goya's "Duchess of Alba", painted in 1797, be found in 2006?
Question 2
Ludwig van Beethoven is known for being which one of the following?
Question 3
MC Escher became a household name in 1954 when his work was exhibited in Amsterdam, not by an art gallery, but by whom?
Question 4
What ballroom dance is the New Vogue dance "La Bomba" based on?
Question 5
A comic book panel Irv Novick drew in All-American Men at War #89 was used with neither permission nor royalty by what pop artist?
Question 6
Which playwright has shut down expensive productions of "Waiting For Godot" and "Endgame"?
Question 7
The richest artist in the world, who jumped the (preserved) shark in 2012, when his pieces started reselling at an average loss of about 30%?
Question 8
In 1987, what classic work did Gottfried Helnwein repaint as Boulevard of Broken Dreams, with Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley?
Question 9
Which singer starred in the Broadway production of David Mamet's "Speed-The-Plow"?
Question 10
In 2006, two Russians sent their cast bronze statue of the 22 figures in The Night Watch to what city, which put it in the Rembrantplein?

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