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Movies Quiz
Question 1
Finding Nemo is a journey from the Great Barrier Reef, to what Australian city?
Question 2
Who played the role of Anna in the film "12 Years a Slave"?
Question 3
The Vision is an android created by which character?
Question 4
In what distant world does the action take place in "Avatar"?
Question 5
What make and color of car does Butch drive and crash in "Pulp Fiction"?
Question 6
What actor plays the butler in "Lee Daniels' The Butler"?
Question 7
Which of the following actors was EARLIEST to win the Best Actor Oscar?
Question 8
In the film version of “Wuthering Heights”, who played Cathy to Laurence Olivier's Heathcliff?
Question 9
In what film did Rick Moranis play Lord Dark Helmet?
Question 10
What movie's theme song is called "Suicide is Painless"?

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