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Jij denkt dat je slim bent?

Question 1
One Direction's top selling album of 2013 was called...?
Question 2
Who is regarded as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition?
Question 3
Which of these years did Argentina win the World Cup?
Question 4
Which single came from Tamer Hosny's album Hob?
Question 5
In "The Mysterious Island", how do the men arrive on the island?
Question 6
Who was James Buchanan's second Secretary of War?
Question 7
Which movie is based on the story of two men being unemployed Easter bunnies?
Question 8
In 1835, what was the daily wage for a Texas Ranger?
Question 9
Who did John Stuart Mill marry in 1851?
Question 10
How many Secretaries of the Interior did James Buchanan have during his term?
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