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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?
Question 1
In the early years of the fourth century BC, warlike people from Central Europe kept the rising Roman Republic in check. Who were they?
Question 2
Which one is not mentioned in the #1 pop single 'American Pie'?
Question 3
What is the other name of Mount Everest?
Question 4
Romney and Southdown are types of which animal?
Question 5
What do past perfect verbs describe?
Question 6
Which US President was born in 1833?
Question 7
What rapper had a number one hit with the song 'Hypnotize'?
Question 8
How many weeks did Snow's 'Informer' stay at number one on the Billboard charts?
Question 9
The Queen crest that appeared on their 'Greatest Hits II' album features what kind of icons?
Question 10
Which kind of "updates" are popular on Facebook?

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