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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?
Question 1
Where was Natasha Romanoff sent to recruit Bruce Banner in the 2012 superhero film "The Avengers"?
Question 2
How many sides of a peninsula are surrounded by water?
Question 3
No More Trouble first appeared on what album?
Question 4
The music video for the DJ Khaled song 'I'm on One', which features Drake, was shot over which federal holiday?
Question 5
Which planet is not only the morning star but also can be an evening star?
Question 6
Which feature of elephants has made them a target of poachers and ivory dealers for centuries?
Question 7
As of Dec 2014, How old is Moroccan pop star Ryan Belhsen?
Question 8
What team did the German National Team lose to in a replay at the 1938 World Cup in France?
Question 9
Hearts of Fire was a film that Bob Dylan starred in. What was his characters name?
Question 10
Whose air force destroyed Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor?

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