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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?
Question 1
Adele won the 2013 Grammy for Bet Pop Solo Performance for what song?
Question 2
What composer is often referred to as the father of modern music?
Question 3
How many states achieved their statehood whilst George Washington was in office?
Question 4
Who wrote the first song Moroccan singer Douzi performed?
Question 5
Which season of Star Academy did Syria's Nassif Zeytoun win?
Question 6
Which band had a hit 2010 album with "Come Around Sundown"?
Question 7
In June 2015, Dylann Roof killed 9 people at Emanuel A.M.E. church in which South Carolina city?
Question 8
Omarion was a member of which boyband?
Question 9
Who was the first President to have been born in Massachusetts?
Question 10
Which girl was not a Beatles song?

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