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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?
Question 1
What was the first newspaper to start publishing daily on the iPad?
Question 2
In 1440, Pope Eugene IV was selling some land from the Papal States to Florence, but supposedly missed the three square kilometres around Cospaia, which declared itself an independent nation. Where is it now?
Question 3
What group hit #4 on the U.S. charts with their 1983 single "One Thing Leads To Another"?
Question 4
Who was President when the first performance of Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' took place in 1791?
Question 5
What decade is the Ace of Base album "The Bridge" from?
Question 6
Who directed the music video for the Dirty Money song 'Loving You No More', which features Drake?
Question 7
Which President appointed Lucius Q. C. Lamar as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States?
Question 8
Which of these bands is not Welsh?
Question 9
What year did Anthony Eden become Earl of Avon?
Question 10
Which ancient world wonder was found in Giza?

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