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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head! Click to Enter The Pit
Question 1
In Einstein's E=mc2 equation, what does the C stand for?
Question 2
Glycolysis produces how many ATP?
Question 3
Name the plant that grows in swamps and marshes in Western Australia?
Question 4
It's not a rap term. It's a desert that is actually a dry lake bed. What is it?
Question 5
What is the smallest penguin?
Question 6
How much does a cubic foot of water weigh?
Question 7
Francis Crick is famous within which branch of science?
Question 8
What are the Southern Lights called?
Question 9
When the answer to life, the universe and everything turns out to be 42, another computer calculates that the question is 6x9, which actually does equal 42 in what system?
Question 10
Supposedly, this effect is responsible for the direction in which your toilet flushes. Instead, it's responsible for the direction hurricanes spin. What is it?

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