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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head! Click to Enter The Pit
Question 1
Which planet is named for the Roman goddess of love?
Question 2
A unit of measure of absorbed radiation is known as what?
Question 3
What is the spontaneous decay of atomic nuclei known as?
Question 4
What helps make the waxy oil substance for your skin and hair?
Question 5
What type of glacier is Greenland or Antarctica called?
Question 6
What is the name for a 100 foot tall tidal wave?
Question 7
What is a compound or mixture of chemical compounds that is used to maintain a steady pH?
Question 8
Most metals are gray in color; what is the only metal that is yellow?
Question 9
What type of lens has a thin middle and makes objects appear smaller?
Question 10
What is the distance that light travels in a year called?

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