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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

Question 1
When a cold front overtakes a warm front, what kind of front do you get?
Question 2
What is the solid form of water?
Question 3
What is deuterium oxide?
Question 4
What scientific unit is used to measure mass?
Question 5
What are the tiny blood vessels that connect arteries and veins?
Question 6
What is best described as a method used to better define higher resolution objects in lower resolution?
Question 7
A unit of electromotive force is called what?
Question 8
Which of these items will float in a glass of water?
Question 9
In 1976, Pvt. David Lewis at Fort Dix ended up becoming the only fatality of what putative epidemic?
Question 10
What are the two small holes located on the top of a birds beak called?
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