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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?
Question 1
What city is nicknamed 'America's Finest City'?
Question 2
Who was Alexander the Great's role model?
Question 3
What is the capital of Ukraine?
Question 4
In which act did Britain assert power to pass laws for the American colonies?
Question 5
What large city's name means "Fragrant Harbor"?
Question 6
The U.S. state of Nevada is known as what?
Question 7
In which English county was legendary highwayman Dick Turpin born?
Question 8
On July 5, 2008, which of these celebrated its 60th anniversary?
Question 9
What large, partially landlocked body of water borders the United States, Mexico and Cuba?
Question 10
What is the second largest country by area in the world?

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