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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.
Question 1
In which year was James A. Garfield elected to Congress?
Question 2
What is the complete title of Charles Darwin's book 'The Origin of...'?
Question 3
Which former US President had the nickname 'Mr. Nice Guy'?
Question 4
What year did John Tyler marry his second wife?
Question 5
What year did Anthony Eden become Earl of Avon?
Question 6
What world leader was such a fan of Yes Minister that she wrote a skit and roped the show's stars into performing it with her in 1984?
Question 7
In which year did the poet John Clare leave the mental asylum?
Question 8
In what year did Vladimir Lenin die?
Question 9
In which year was Medicaid first administered by the United States government?
Question 10
In which century did the Agacher Strip War occur?

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