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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?
Question 1
What genre of music did Egyptian singer Khaled Agag start making at first?
Question 2
In 2000 which artist released the UK number 1 single 'American Pie'?
Question 3
Which song by The Saturdays opens with the lyrics: "You took my heart from the dark, I'm falling hard"?
Question 4
With whom did Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson play before joining Bad Religion?
Question 5
What color was Lenas "new underwear" according to the lyrics of her 2010 entry?
Question 6
Who wrote Gerry and The Pacemakers first two hits, "How Do You Do It" and "I Like It"?
Question 7
What is the color of the background on the 'Mikyajy' logo?
Question 8
Who composed "The Tales of Hoffmann"?
Question 9
Who recorded the soundtrack album for the movie 'Dead Man'?
Question 10
As of Dec 2014, How old was pop star Richii when he moved to Lebanon?

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