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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?
Question 1
Who hosted the 1978 World Cup?
Question 2
Who sings: 'Do you remember when we used to sing? - Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da,' in his signature song?
Question 3
What half-brother of Bob Marley settled a lawsuit with the Marley family in 2012 over trademark infringement?
Question 4
Which moon is a Neil Young album?
Question 5
America' and 'Tiny Dancer' feature in which 2000 Grammy winning movie?
Question 6
Road Dogs was a 2005 studio album by what blues guitarist, known for his collaborations with Eric Clapton?
Question 7
What was singer Disho's song 'Ady Elly Be't Hayaty 'Ashanha' about?
Question 8
Which of these Top 10 hits charted first for E.L.O.?
Question 9
Who featured on Nelly's UK and US No.1 hit 'Dilemma' in 2002?
Question 10
Who featured on Rihanna's 2011 hit "What's My Name"?

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