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Can you beat the score of this nurse?

Question 1
What is the exact repetition of phrases spoken by other people called?
Question 2
What is the term commonly used for a suction-assisted lipectomy?
Question 3
Patients who present with traumatic injuries are evaluated using what score?
Question 4
What do you call a doctor who specializes in treating the heart?
Question 5
The medical term "mobility" is best defined as?
Question 6
Which medical term best fits the definition of "a drug used to relieve coughing"?
Question 7
About how much does the average adult human brain weigh?
Question 8
What would the term PRN mean to a nurse or doctor?
Question 9
What vitamin is needed by the retina of the eye?
Question 10
What is it in milk that makes it hard to digest for millions of people?
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