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This quiz is so hard you probably won't even score a 6

Question 1
Who was officially declared winner of the 2012 US Presidential Election on January 2013?
Question 2
In golf, what is the term given to the score expected of an accomplished player?
Question 3
Which country's largest city is Shanghai?
Question 4
Which of these countries lies between China and Japan?
Question 5
In what city can you take the Corcovado Rack Railway to see the Christ the Redeemer up close?
Question 6
What sort of toy gave Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons a hit in 1964?
Question 7
What is a "Tortilla"?
Question 8
According to studies by the University of Geneva, what type of tea increases metabolism?
Question 9
Which child star and U.S. ambassador is also a Santa Monica native?
Question 10
Who won an Oscar for Best Actor for 1988's Best Picture "Rain Man"?
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