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This quiz is beyond your imagination

Question 1
What booze do you need to make a Bahama Mama, a Virgin Island specialty called the Painkiller, or a real Puerto Rican Pina Colada?
Question 2
Which pop musical star used to have a featured short 3D motion picture at Disneyland?
Question 3
Which well-known 17th century buccaneer, after whom a brand of Caribbean rum is named, once brewed rum on the island of Jamaica?
Question 4
Which day was a hit for the Mamas and Papas?
Question 5
Who features on Jason Derulo's hit 'Wiggle'?
Question 6
What is the name of the spice that grows as a tall, tropical green grass with a lemony taste?
Question 7
Which player's position is located behind home plate?
Question 8
What is the name of an official in baseball?
Question 9
What was future Presidential candidate George McGovern's plane named in WWII?
Question 10
When was Richard Nixon inaugurated as President?
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