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Question 1
What eccentric scientist was born to Serbian parents in the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary, in an area that today is now in Croatia?
Question 2
What composer's name literally means "Beet Gardens" in Dutch?
Question 3
What Turkish dish is often ground meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves?
Question 4
During which War did the 1870 'Battle of Paris' take place?
Question 5
Scottish inventor James Watt is most well-known for his work in which technology?
Question 6
Which European nation originally colonized the United States?
Question 7
Which German ballroom dance was originally known as the "Boston in America"?
Question 8
Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is set in which part of Italy?
Question 9
Which city is known as the "diamond capital" of Europe?"
Question 10
Which area in Denmark is predominately made from colored plastic blocks?
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