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Art Quiz

Question 1
In 1496, what future art world superstar forged an ancient sculpture of Cupid by burying it in acidic soil?
Question 2
What type of art form is "haiku"?
Question 3
In which city is the Prado Art Gallery?
Question 4
A lover of color, what type of art did Marc Chagall get into in his later years?
Question 5
What state is the title character from "Oldest Confederate Widow Tells All" from?
Question 6
What did X rays show exist underneath the final Mona Lisa?
Question 7
Which quick, easily mass-produced art form did Joan Miro create?
Question 8
Which term matches "German musical drama, with spoken dialogue and musical numbers"?
Question 9
In his early days, Rembrandt scratched details into his paintings using what?
Question 10
The famous Salvador Dali painting "The Persistence of Memory" features which melted timepieces?

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